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Hi. You're welcome. I'm Tiziano Dal Farra, the creator and mantainer of this space ... with the *masterpiece* above...
- More videos (italian soundtrack) hereafter.
- A lot of witnesses, in italian, here.
- That's the "service-door" to reach the italian area. It seems strange, a little, due to my first obscuration-by-the-law (2007, former
In 2009, I was fired, and I took the chance of administrative elections, as 'Mayor candidate' in Longarone, to fight my commitment in the inner den;
in december, the second censorship, as usual.
- In 2012, 16th of february, the third massive censorship (a huge DNS/IP block: around 3,000 websites dawn, from the italian point of view... only to "kill" mine as goal. Amazing, isn't it??).
"Who cares of Vajont, must be nuked", anyway... that's the local rule.
Do you remember?? "The few voices calling for an investigation into possible human influence in the catastrophe were denounced as 'jackals'. (in the sixties)"
Today everything is easier.
To show facts, documents and running criminals in Italy is 'DEFAMATION'. And false in the corporate budget, is not more crime. That's it.

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UPDATE, 2013 !!...
The ULTIMATE OUTRAGE, via "Giro d'Italia" cycle race...

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As we see, the Vajont story MEANS forever Dirty_BUSINE$$


(The Indipendent 2007, October, 31th):

HERE "2,000 condanne", an 1963 digitalized movie, B/W, from leftwing party archives.
23 minutes long, 142mb download. Original movie & rights, gift from the Author, today are held by, Rome.

A *rock-metal song* strictly dedicated to this greedy manslaughter (performed by Mastercastle, 2009) Thanks Giorgia (lyrics), Pier, Steve & Alex!!
Photos are picked from the actual Memorial "atelier"...
(in english: Vah-yont) - Do you want listen the correct local pronounce? Click HERE. Yes: it's ME

      ENGINEERING NEWS-REVIEW, Oct. 24, 1963, page 84:
Presumably, those responsible for the operation of the dam felt confident that a slide of the proportions expected... would not cause a dangerous flood downstream. But could they have justifiably felt confidence about the ability of the dam to hold?... But it was a big gamble not to evacuate the towns when a slide was actually on the move that could hardly help subjecting the dam to some unusual forces of unknown magnitude»).
At Vajont, the main lesson appears to be a trite one: Get out of the way if a landslide threatens a reservoir. It's risky to jump to conclusions before all the facts are in, but we can't help wondering whether it can be excusable not to evacuate people below a reservoir threatened by a slide.»).

      STEVEN FINK, «Crisis Management», page 225:
I encourage you to view a crisis as a runaway stagecoach, with yourself as passenger. You have the option of sitting in back, being bumped and jostled and tossed from side to side without a prayer of gaining control.
Or you can ride on top. You may not stop it, but you will achieve some very definite control over the speed, the direction, and the duration. Where you sit is up to you. Either way, when the inevitable crisis hits, you're along for the ride

di Nicola Walter Palmieri, Ed. CEDAM - Padova, 1997. Pagg. 453, L. 52.000)

      "You have the right, in fact the duty, to question my story, to doubt everything I've told you. It's only a story, a tragic one. There's so many of them, aren't there?
You can't bury all of them...
But, since you can get there, it's not really so far.... Once in your life you should go on up there, and stand up there ... and then come back down.... Try to prove me wrong, put everything up to the light.... Try to find the reason in it.... But don't just stop at the dam, because you can't tell anything from the dam. Go on up as far as the towns. Then turn around and come back, and stand up there a moment.... If you have the courage, talk to someone about it... and then do your reading; keep records.
What you have under your feet is the second worst landslide on the planet since the advent of Mankind; the worst happened in India, in Pamir, on the roof of the world. The second happened in the heart of Europe.
And it didn't just fall. It was provoked."

(actor Marco Paolini in "The Story of Vajont", of Thomas Simpson, 2000, Bordighera Press)

From the Foreword of "The Story of Vajont", of Thomas Simpson, 2000, Bordighera Press:

«I first became aware of the Story of Vajont in 1997, when I opened a copy of the Italian daily La Repubblica - I was riding on a train in Chicago at the time - and saw my old friend Marco Paolini's face glaring out at me from the 'Spettacolo' section of the paper. The article said that Marco had performed his solo show about the Vajont disaster live on television on a stage set up in view of the Vajont dam itself; a one-man show lasting over three hours from 9 to past midnight, and competing with a major news day that involved the collapse of the governing coalition.
3,5 million people had watched his performance; proportionally, that would be like 15 to 20 million Americans tuning in to a theatrical presentation on PBS.
Anna Deaveare Smith's one-woman shows devoted to the Crown Heights killings and the beating of Rodney King and its aftermath attracted a significant amount of attention here in the US, but she never stopped a nation in its tracks, as Marco's performance had done.
Longarone, the day before

Longarone, in the morning. 9th october, 1963

Longarone, the next morning

Longarone in the morning after, 10th october, 1963

Click to zoom in
(photo courtesy of Longarone's Survivors Committee - Longarone)

SETAF. 101th Squadron operations at Vajont (from shot # 67). Photo courtesy (!) of Pentagon. Never seen before, in my knowledge.
Still more unusual is that The Story of Vajont involves the uncovering of a story buried for 27 years. Marco had drawn out a story hidden in the consciousness of a nation, revealed its pity and terror, and thus somehow created an experience of defining importance to Italians not just as a bunch of individuals, but as a people.

Two crucial operations take place here: 1) uncovering the hidden, especially something hidden from ourselves, and 2) making real the connection between single individuals and great national events, between the weak and the powerful, between the innocent and the guilty, between those who speak and those who cannot speak.

All Italians of a certain age remember the Vajont disaster: a giant wave raised by a landslide into a brand new hydroelectric reservoir in the Italian Alps jumped over the dam that was supposed to contain it. The immense wave rushed out of a mountain gorge and crushed five towns in less than seven minutes, killing near 2,000 people. At the time, it was held to be a natural disaster.
After all, the spectacular new dam, the tallest of its kind in the world and a marvel of Italian engineering genius, had held. The few voices calling for an investigation into possible human influence in the catastrophe were denounced as jackals. But due to the persistence of those few voices - one of whom, a communist journalist named Tina Merlin, figures as the model of human resilience in Paolini's story - an investigation was held, and finally a trial convened.
By this time, the Vajont story had drifted farther and farther into the back pages of the newspapers. Maybe people simply can't sustain dwelling on something so horrifying for a long time, and as the event grew more distant and the story complicated, interest dwindled. But the trial determined that the conglomerate which carried out the dam project had known that a landslide into the reservoir was inevitable, that they kept that knowledge secret from the general public and specifically from the most likely victims, and that they even maintained the water level in the reservoir at such a dangerously high level - in the name of profit, of course - that a catastrophic wave leaping over the dam in the event of a landslide was a certainty.

Paolini's rendering of this story moves in two principal directions. There is the direction of memory, reaching back from the present to the event of 1963. Then there is the chronological direction of the participants in the story, the conception and building of the dam and the coming of the disaster. Thus Marco's telling brings two Italys together: us, the survivors, looking back from the end of the century, and they, the dead, as they approach unknowingly their fate with all the trust, all the acceleration, all the blindness, of Italy's postwar economic boom. [...]»

Thomas Simpson

ZARAGOZA EXPO, in the 2° World Water Conference, june-september 2008:

Case study 2008 (in Italian, HTML, with links)

Case study Vajont 2008 (in Spanish, .doc)

UNIZAR/FNCA mirror *Agua, rios y pueblos* website (abstracts, case studies, and photos) in english, spanish & french.

Project "Agua, rios y pueblos" website here. And here the FNCA VIDEO FILES (3 of 1 original, spanish language)

Vajont dam's disaster story over Internet, TODAY

(Orig. page, 2005-01-16 - last revised and updated: 2009-09-03 - Recent photos, thanks to Eirik Linder & Francesca Casciarri, official photoreporters in the FNCA project, for "Vajont" case study)

(Please, don't mind about any "dam collapse" here... It's standing! Mount Toc "collapsed", not the dam. *Morons*.)

Tiziano Dal Farra, webmaster of this siteWELCOME. I'm Tiziano Dal Farra and I'm living in Belluno, 18 km far down from Longarone, along the Piave valley. I had *absolutely nothing to claim* by Vajont tragedy, but I saw: I was 6 years old at this time and was in my 1 first grade. This web space is my tribute to the Memory of the Vajont's tragedy and truth: see HERE the list of victims or here the list of the families/victims by alphabetical pages (in which every cross mean one dead).

The time passed since October 2004, 19th (the day of the historical and infamous eviction of the Longarone Survivors Committee by their Mayor) just today, after the Indonesian catastrophe, I have been very busy in the collection of various material on the Survivors Committee and their treatment. Then came 26 December's tsunami shock, that has certainly been better understood and suffered by our '63's megatsunami Survivors.

From my point of view, many aspects unite those old orphans with Indonesia's ones.
I would like to not be the only one to notice (some knowledge and some books are necessary: those - in italian language - of Tina Merlin, Mario Passi, Sandro Canestrini, last but not least the only wrote on this theme (the Vajont's aftermath!) of the freelance and war correspondant Lucia Vastano!! Here photos, and italian books to download) and I would like to use for both the respect they deserve. A respect and an attention that not all can give or understand, obviously, in Longarone town, Italy.
And if this supposed 'First Citizen' can produce such monstrosities, the eviction! of Vajont disaster Survivors Committee, imagine what the last member of the Town Council can think up or do. Rarest case (in alleged democracy) of subdued and, in my opinion, gutless opposition.
In the italian parliament, a senator (of the Greens party, Mr. Fiorello Cortiana) during a session asked formally answers on 2004-11-11th to our premier Berlusconi and his government. Not to mention, NO ONE of them never answered him.
Mr. Cortiana called it "A outrageous act by a disgraceful administration". And that's it.

There's a lot of books and literature on the Vajont tragedy. Both technical and historical stuff. But not much of them - with rare exceptions, like Lucia Vastano, see later, or recent universitarian thesis - are responding (lack of updates? white collar mafia? simple ignorance, other factors?) to the crude, historical truth.
Nor the Longarone's tragedy official site (it is born on June 1999. Voluntarily keep poor, low profiled, obsolete, and zero mantained/updated by their operators (but it's better here to undertaken this chapter...). That site (I mean, the public forum's area) was quickly switched off - officially for 'maintenance issues', wrote in it the Mayor's webmaster - since early february to late 2005 october, mainly due to raising hard 'eviction comments and criticism' by some people (me, first!!). Another version is running now (with the same '99's original poor stuff), and the forum *definitely pissed*. And that's it.
Moreover, during 2004, the long planned RAPE of the Sacrary and deads was also operated by THIS technically MAFIOUS and shameless "right wing administration". *Bastards*.

Many other Italian pages apart, most of which edited by ordinary people like me, here some pages in english language I'd discovered on the Web.
Some external link (as occurred with Geocities of Yahoo!) may be *out of service* or dismissed/renamed/vanished. Or I may fail writing/pasting the pagecode...

First, a selection of the 'right' versions*
(*Meaning as I'm valley inhabitant, researcher and eyewitness of the wave effect in 1963, "whose are telling the true AND correct 'Vajont dam disaster' story"!)

  • AnniversarioBhopal2006This is the best abstract/article I found on web about Vajont disaster: from the BBC website. In this page, moreover, is cited another corporate greed menslaughter: Bhopal. (Thanks a lot, BBC!)
    Do you know the web campaign "Students for Bhopal"?? (Thanks, Ryan)
  • A 1963's article, (historically correct) from a italian left-wing newspaper: The Piave Legend.
  • That's is translated from my archive. The dirty trick of ENEL* transaction, proposed to the damaged and survivors, in 1967. Thanks, really, to our pal Roberto Caputo for his nice english translations. Read the story.
    (* = ENEL: our Electric Energy National Agency, today *Corporation*)
  • In the web again. 1998: a girl, an italian student in USA, some month after seen the Paolini's historical anniversary with great TV monologue performance wrote those rows (thanks, Sara! Kisses!). This original page, later, vanished. But I saved ....
  • The true, theatrical, Story of VajontAnother (correct) 1998 report after Paolini's novel. On actually vanished page of GeoCities of Yahoo! an anonymous Mac-lover took the time to write this lines. Really a fine work, as Sara Pavan's one!
  • Tom Simpson, 1. 2000. A newsgroup reports of a Paolini's tour in the USA. (thanks, Tom!)
    But NIAF - the management, I mean - seems have took no care of this issue... I suppose, 'cause i wrote immediately to notice them about this petition with no results, life signs, nor answer.
  • Tom Simpson, 2!!
    the entire "Vajont story" based on one theatral novel of Marco Paolini, TV broadcasted live on 2nd italian RAI network on 9th of october 1997 from the stage in front to whole dam. Read a few lines more on this PRECIOUS book, in my opinion a REAL MASTERPIECE.
    The ONLY way now to know what's happened, from the scratch and moreover in ENGLISH, on the story of this mafious AFFAIR, in which a foreseeable catastrophe led to a massive manslaughter. A way to spread worldwide, to retell. A social commitment, a legacy.

    WARMLY RECOMMENDED! In my experience on Vajont's literature, a MUST: I put this Simpson's work just behind (for his high value, both historical and human) to the books from Tina Merlin (On Living Flesh: How to Construct a Catastrophe. The Vajont Case), and the books of Mario Passi and Sandro Canestrini.

    Italian actor Marco Paolini's website?? click here.

  • "(...) Most clearly, though, Vajont shows how human pride and pressure can trigger what is later described as a natural disaster".
    A message in a bottle: a newsgroup shows some arguments. (thanks, Doris Shen!)
  • Century disasters at glance: Vajont.
  • About landslides? Take a look here. The second one.
  • A next possible Vajont? (i mean, one between many others?) The Ephemera case. Once again on the
  • "... Despite warnings from geologists and a local journalist, the christian-democratic/post-fascist Italian government of_the_time went ahead with plans to build the world's largest dam beside Mount Toc in the Vajont valley, forming a reservoir and a little (illegal, secret) hydroelectric plant."
    Right, clear, straight. The consequencies, as this story claim, are (will be!) endless. Sign the petition, please, you too: everybody can make it. Thanks in advance.
  • VajontrockslideVajont1963

    Click the image to see this rendering on YouTube (italian language movie soundtrack).

    Available documents:

    1.    HENDRON A. J., PATTON F. D., "The Vaiont slide, a geotechnical analysis based on new geologic observations of the failure surface",
         US Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, Vickburg (Washington D. C., 1985).

      The stuff: H&P1 (main volume 9,8 mb) and H&P2 (Appendices A through G 5,7 mb) - (Destroy this report when no longer needed. Do not return it to the originator) Thanks a lot, to Ivan for this gift!!

    2. [ «Disaster Research Center». How do organized elements of social systems respond when component sub-units such as communities are devastated? This is, on what do extra-community agencies and organizations focus, to what do they give priority, where do problems arise, and how are they solved when a particular geographic area undergoes massive destruction of live and property as a result of a sudden catastrophe? If it is true that the structure and functioning of social systems, as well as of individuals, can be more clearly discerned in extreme situations, knowledge of actual group responses in such situations should contribute to an understanding of the fundamentals of social life. What is ignored and what is singled out when groups from non-impacted areas converge on a destroyed community? Where are the sources of the problems encountered by converging organizations; how do they handle their difficulties?
      Read here (text)
      or download from source DRC:, > 2,29 MB. ]

    3. [ "Landslides and Environmental Change" - Christopher Kilburn, 27/03/2001.
      Download the PDF document, 753 Kb. ]

    4. [History of the 1963 Vaiont slide: the importance of geological factors; by Edoardo Semenza, and Monica Ghirotti.
      (PDF document, 688 kb]

      by E.L. Quarantelli (1978)
      University of Delaware, Disaster Research Center. "THE VAJONT DAM OVERFLOW: A CASE STUDY of EXTRA-COMMUNITY RESPONSES in MASSIVE DISASTERS" PDF document, (2,4 MB) ]

    6. [ Giornale di Geologia Applicata 1 (2005):
      ABSTRACT. On the 9th October 1963 a catastrophic landslide suddenly occurred on the southern slope of the Vajont dam reservoir. A mass of approximately 270 million m3 collapsed into the reservoir generating a wave which overtopped the dam and hit the town of Longarone and other villages: almost 2000 people lost their lives. Many studies and researches were carried out on the geological and geomechanical aspects and several attempts were made to explain the kinematics and dynamics of the landslide. This large mass of studies and researches has greatly increased the understanding of such phenomena, recognizing their precursory activity, predicting their dynamic behaviour and identifying likely areas of triggering and deposition.
      This paper reports briefly all the information reported in related papers, referring to the geological studies, to the chronology of events before 9th October 1963 and to the different interpretations of the landslide triggering and actual mechanics and dynamics.

      « The 1963 Vaiont Landslide » by Rinaldo Genevois, and Monica Ghirotti, PDF document, (4,5 MB) ]

    • NEW!!

      First part of the Timeline used from Marco Paolini in 1997's TV theatral monologue performance.
      This own stuff, updated, in ITALIAN language.

      Thanks to Roberto Caputo, Rome, for his voluntary nice translation!! Really.

    Here the only PHOTOBOOK on the Earth with ALL the original photos of this disaster, made by Giuseppe "Bepi" Zanfron, the first photojournalist arrived in the night with the first aid soldiers. The "only-text" english version, il now online.
    "Bepi" (as to say, the local nickname as "Joe") Zanfron recently (oct., 2009) had suffered an heart disease. I'd scannered for You the "english addendum"/update of his famous and honored PhotoBook.
    Usually, you can meet him, on weekend, at his place on the Vajont dam's car park. To tell, to make Memory.
    Really a 'wise man'.
    Italian dam disasters:
    OF MOLARE, 1935-08-13

    A report on the landslide. Dr. Petley, from Durham University

  • "A large-scale disaster, such as that of the Vajont valley, affects the psychological health of survivors for decades". Right.
    But, suddenly, the ominous Longarone's Mayor (in the Berlusconi's age, 2004) came ... "to heal them", and definitely destroyed their Sacrary and the roots of this Memorial (here some image of, italian text).
  •             HERE the WRONG ones...

    The "after ten days of heavy rain" theory: ominous.

  • Again, about 'Natural disasters' collection: thanks, Prof. Stephen A. Nelson
    (focus on this: "updated in 2004"!)
  • An (!) Encyclopedia. From (politically correct?).
    «Courtesy of The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition» (oh, my God...)
  • Better than ever. This IS the PATH, dude.
  • 'Tsunamis'? No problem: has 'remarkably' focused the 'trigger'...

  • Others, related.
    After Paolini's 1997 event, in the 2001, the italian film 'Vajont' was launched. (Here cited an actor, Daniel Auteuil). A very good cast, an extra Bocelli's opening soundtrack, huges special effects for a poor minded fiction charged 17 billions, 2001 ITL (9 million dollars). A 250 ITL millions sponsorship (about 130.000 public dollars) was also kindly 'gifted' from Longarone's Town Council.
    Not to mention, only 'working_in_progress', the director Renzo Martinelli realized the survivors's true story... . More. On a magazine interview, four years later Laura Morante (the italian actress that performed the role of the communist reporter Tina Merlin) cinically missed to cite this very poor 'performance' on her palmares. The reason - I feel - is that soap-minded fiction had no commercial success as wished. So ... it was better to remove from her whole mind this flop.
    Nonetheless, Longarone's Mayor shows last five minutes of this «opera» to awe with «The Wave» his foreign guests. This quack's taxpayers love that c..ap (a dirty trick) and thanks, I imagine...
  • The Italian national public electric Company (E.N.EL) that born in '63 with this crime so is telling of (today). Nice, isn't it?? Please note the so-called "tragedy": in this way they means, it sound as "a unfortunated accident". No, sirs. It was, it IS a your largely announced "mafia affair". It's also a endless national shame for italians all, and moreover for Your Company. It was - and they know this perfectly - a menslaughter. (But is better to remove this 'aRome' from official ENEL company story, right?) The show must go on! (after a 37 years-long trial: a)ENEL, b)government and c)the former owner of this dam should be condemned to refund [33% each] about 80 millions dollar (as fine) to Longarone's Town Council for the damage thet made. Note: not to people involved, to "the Council". Unfortunately, this money fall in the hands of an Administration... politically daughter of the SAME party that generated the dam and manslaughter: at the time, rightwing-post-fascist 'Christian Democrats'... today, "Freedom people's Party" leaded by Mr. Berlusconi's, a post-fascist and mafious-rooted coalition)
  • BLOWIN' in the WIND: look for the '63 straight manufacturer (Torno Spa, today Torno International: search in their 'portfolio' for 'dams'), that in my humble opinion have no reason to feel (technically speaking) in shame. The dam they made was and still is, after all, a HARD tested headwork. Nonetheless, they have missed this realization in their public "list" .... Curious, isn't it??
  • "Our thanks go to for the photograph of the dam published with this article, and for the valuable fund of information it provides.", Discover the Alps website say. Mmh. The holy source (mayor's is only a poor web pamphlet, I can testify. But it should be more of this ...

    (a mountain-sized BOGUS) On the local newspaper, 9 Oct. 2004 we found:
    "Today, as every year since 1963, Longarone and the surrounding villages commemorate the anniversary with solemn ceremony; 9 October is a day of mourning in the town, devoted to prayer, remembrance and meditation. All the events of the last 40 years are re-lived: the reconstruction of the villages, the solidarity, the social conflict, the postponed legal judgements, the collective and individual grief of the people". Oh, sure! (this with the corporate's and local politic bastards at a glance).

    (Unfit to lead Longarone!!).
    The public 'solemn respect' for 2,000 victims is merely a theatre: the 1999/2009 Mayor (De Cesero Pierluigi, born 6 years after rockslide, rightwing party), a man I consider without dignity and ideas, gave no attentions but offenses, mystifications on local newspapers and moreover on 19th Oct. 2004 an historical eviction to his town's Survivors Committee (in which this absolute charlatan want self-register himself since some year - as say - "in honor of Memory" ...). His rape should have passed under deep silence; the crude, ultimate LESSON of the VAJONT: this, a shameless Mayor really means as "remembrance and meditation". Not to mention, the motherfucker is Berlusconi's mafious coalition supported and managed...
    After that, we must 'cross and forget'?? NO, sir: we will NEVER FORGET. Nor you.

    More info?
    Other issues? Comments?
    I need for (voluntary) translators of some Vajont page in your national language... (pick up one favourite page - from italian - and have a fine job! and then send it to us. That's all)
    Feel you free to contact me. Every mail/contact/request can be sent to this address and will be honored and respected.
    0    0    0    0
    Write me_Escrìbeme_Schreib_mir_Scrivimi

    If the knowledge of this endless corporate greed manslaughter is enough, please take two minutes of your time and support the permanent public petition/guestbook online.
    Every Citizen of the World can do this: please fill, sign, describe you (student, retired, a.s.o.). Please, notice of this permanent web pages in your community, school, local italian community as well, etc. (the end of original campaign was on June, 4th, 2007).
    Thanks in advance for. Feel free to contact me: Tiziano Dal Farra, Italy -

    This Vajont archive online (italian language, over 3,5 GB online, and counts) now is:

Donations ?

Since July, 2003, I'd spent thousand of hours finding, buying & harvesting Vajont materials (books, photos, rare documents, videos, reproductions), even online. I do this in my free time to rispect this Memory and I (we) have no sponsorship(s). I oppose official Longarone Mayor's 'news', policy and protocols because they're fake for Vajont's truth, bad for the INFOrmation and overall for Longarone's Survivors respect and dignity.
(The former Longarone's mayor is actually suing me by years for my commitment).

Well. If you appreciate my work, please consider making a donation. Donations of any form are appreciated and they will go towards upgrading my public archives and buying new materials, or mere connectivity.
As example: I am looking since 2003 for this old american book (or one digital copy!):
   HENDRON A. J., PATTON F. D., "The Vaiont slide, a geotechnical analysis based on new geologic observations of the failure surface",
   US Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, Vickburg (Washington D. C., 1985).

I thanks in advance who may find a copy of this book (2 volumes) for us: write me for details (shipment, payment, etc.).

My address: Tiziano Dal Farra - via Monte Grappa, 201 zip code: 32100 Belluno, Italy
Tel.: +39 0437 - 926585 - Cellphone/SMS: +39 339 6503360 - on Skype/Facebook/Youtube: vajont2003

HAPPIEST UPDATE (July, 23, 2011)
I'm glad to receive a gift copy from an italian Engineer of summentioned book. Thanks a lot, Ivan!!
So, here is the stuff: H&P1 (main volume 9,8 mb) and H&P2 (Appendices A through G 5,7 mb) - (Destroy this report when no longer needed. Do not return it to the originator)

Ai navigatori. Sono tutte pagine "work-in-progress" - e puo' essere che qualche link a volte non risulti efficiente, soprattutto quelli obsoleti che puntano (puntavano) a dei siti web esterni.
Scusate, e eventualmente segnalatemelo indicandomi nella mail la pagina > riga > link fallace.

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Ritagli di giornali, libere opinioni, ricerche storiche, testi e impaginazione di: Tiziano Dal Farra
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VOMITO, ERGO SUM. Nella foto sotto, il *Giardino delle bestemmie* attuale, un fal$o TOTALE dal 2004: falso storico, fattuale, e IMMORALE da 3,5 mln di Euro. Un FALSO TOTALE targato sindaco De Cesero Pierluigi/Comune di Longarone (2004) che da allora riproduce fedelmente in schema, come foste in un parco a tema di Rimini, il campo "B" di Auschwitz/Birkenau in miniatura. Ah, e i cippi sono di FALSO "marmo di CARRARA". E con questi $oggetti, come poteva essere diversamente? anche questa asserzione (oltreché un REATO) è un palese FALSO, autografato e *su carta intestata* dal Sindaco (ripeto, sottolineo, ribadisco) *delinquente*.
(PierLuigi De Cesero: Longarone's Mayor 1999/2009)


Two distinct "VAJONT" projects are IN PROGRESS in the spanish Pyrenees:


Do you read spanish?? please also visit too,

AND - possibly - ACT!!

(Our current "Vajont" and 'fascist Legacy': 'Papi Chulo')

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